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Amon Parker: Entertainment Agent

Amon Parker, white trucks & Gold courses—–Inglewood, California.

Cousins and friends. When you are 17 years old, young and free, you never think you could die. One day me and Amon woke up and Phaedra L. Battle was dead.

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” That is the way to phrase it. We both went away to college, I went to Langston University in Oklahoma and he went to UC Davis in Northern California.

Amon became an agent for the WNBA and Motown Records, “Big Time.”

He died in a motor cycle accident. I am grateful I had an opportunity to know my cousin. When we were growing up, my uncle, his father, was in the military. We did not get to see each other that often, they were in Germany.

After we graduated from High School and before going away to colleg we got to “kick it”. Westwood was great!!!!!


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Olympia R. Scott, Professional Basketball Player (National [WNBA] & International)

On 10/10/2008 at 7:24pm I experienced two Angel Beings lifting up Olympia, I could not tell if there where four wings (Cherub) or six wings (Seraph). Snoop and Steve have two hands lifting them up, Olympia has four.


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Olympia Ranee Scott Was Released From The Los Angeles Sparks

Olympia was released from the Los Angeles Sparks.


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Olympia Ranee Scott Signed with the Los Angeles Sparks

Olympia, Number “0”——-9 year vet with the WNBA signed with the Los Angeles Sparks. “She not only walks, she plays professional basketball”——-



I hope you all buy season tickets——She is my little-baby-sister! And she is “Larger Than I AM!”

For a motivational poem written about Olympia Ranee Scott That is Best Poems and Poets of 2007: http://tresmaliscott.wordpress.com/2008/02/04/seven-months-and-walking/

For a Biography of Olympia Ranee Scott go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympia_Scott

Tres Psychic of the Super Stars





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She Not Only Walks, She Plays Professional Basketball! Olympia Scott on A Black-American Experience!®

olympia-scott-wnba-ladies1 Olympia Renee Scott was born in Lynwood, California to Black MBA’s, she was so pigeon toed that when it was time to walk, she was examined by doctors for braces for her legs. The doctor recommended she wear her shoes on the wrong feet to straighten out her feet.

Olympia’s feet straightened out, you can still tell she is pigeon toed. She has been a Cheerleader, on Drill Team, High School Championship Teams as a Starter, Starter for Stanford Universities Final Fours, Broken Olympic Festival Records and is a:

Two Time WNBA National Champion

This person had trouble learning to walk. God makes miracles, with the mighty deeds of doctors and Olympia’s perseverance and self motivation she over came a great obstacle.

She inspires me to continue each day, I thank the Almighty God for her, her accomplishments, and her sharing her gifts with me and the world.

In 2008 A.D. or C.E. she is playing Professional Basketball for the WNBA and is playolympiahoops-thumb-600x378-8283 Professional Basketball in Greece.

There is a Saint named Olympias that lived from 361-408 A.D. or C.E., from what is now called Istanbul, Turkey. The Saint Olympias built a hospital, an orphanage, and sheltered monks.

Olympia Renee Scott, originally from Lynwood, California has some "Big Shoes To Fill."

For a Biography go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympia_Scott

For more information about the Big "0" of the WNBA go to:



This article was made possible by the donations of Stephen Thomas Scott, Artist/Boxer


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