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Snoop Dogg-Rapper Now Snoop Lion The Reggae Artist: A Black-American Experience!®

Snoop Dogg now Snoop Lion on A Black-American Experience!®

A name change for Snoop Dogg the gangster rapper. Seeing similar experiences with Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, now Snoop Lion visited Jamaica and recorded a new Reggae album. This is called by  today’s Los Angeles Times Calendar Section article, a Rasta transformation. With the same theme of smoking weed, this looks more religious. While visiting

On A Black-American Experience!®

the Caribbean, Snoop Lion filmed a movie “Reincarnated”.


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Whitney Houston in “Sparkle” the movie: A Black-American Experience!®

A Black-American Experience!®

Whitney Houston, even though she has died, is still with us in the movie “Sparkle”. Her wonderful singing started in church and the movie reflects that it ended there. Whitney came full circle before leaving us behind.

Tres Mali


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