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Do You Remember “Ultra Wave” Parties?

Do you remember going to Culver City, California Ultra Wave Parties? Do you remember going to see the dance groups at the “Hotel Parties”?

I remember because I had a vision of the late Charles Jackson, he lived in Los Angeles, California in the mid and late 80s and was a member of “TDF” To Damn Fresh. He also had a recording on one of Ice T’s  Compilation Albums.



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My Untold Psychic Experience

I pray a lot. I learned to pray when I was a child. I attended Private Religious Schools until the 7th grade. When I pray I have many visions and experiences.

Once when I was at the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Downtown Los Angeles, California I have an experience of someone named Andrew, most people called him “Scandrew”. He died a little after I graduated from High School. After my experience of him praying, I opened a Catholic Prayer Book I have that is Copyrighted 1925, I opened it to the page “Litany For The Dead”.

Thank You Andrew for your prayers.



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I Am A Black-American Psychic, Tres Mali Scott on A Black-American Experience!®

Tres Mali Scott & A Black-American Experience®

Written By: Crisis Reporter Tres Mali Scott, This Article is endorsed by The International Library of Paranormal Psychology (Written in 2008)

 Crisis Reporting by Tres M Scott 035 I am a Black Women in the United States of America, that has two Master’s Degrees and is an ABD Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, an Internationally Awarded Poet, Author, and Top Rated Writer, “I Am Also Psychic”.

Some would say I am African-American, my birth certificate says I am Negro and my parents are Negro. My sister, who is six years younger than I am and has a birth certificate that says she is Black and my parents are Black. I am going to name all that apply, I am Colored, Negro, Afro-American, Black, and African-American. As I got older I found out that I am also Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian and Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, African/Scottish, Irish, and Spanish.

As a “Homo Erect-us Erect-us” (human animal) I am a “mutt”.

I have had many experiences with spirits and ghosts of my heritage that has a lot of names. Many of them include stories. I hope they give you as much encouragement as I have received. It is not very often that Black people admit it is psychic ability. We report things as myths and tales. Some of these myths and tales were experienced first hand with a psychic vision that historically was not passed down orally or in writing.

It is 2008, I talk about it! I write about it! I read about it!

Happy New Year! I look forward to your reading about Black Heritage, the untold stories.

Crisis Reporting by Tres M Scott 189


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