Tres M. Scott, M.Ed., M.S., ABD has worked in “Vocational Training” for seven (7) years, Business, Agency Certifications, and Management Consulting for ten (10) years, and worked building youth “Leadership Skills” for 21 years. My Awards include:

Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalism Award 2nd Place

Who’s Who in the World 17th Edition

Who’s Who in America

Who’s Who in the South and Southwest

Who’s Who of Professionals in Management

International Library of Poetry Editor’s Choice Award Twice

My Nominations include:

International Women of The Year Cambridge, England

International Biographies Cambridge, England

Who’s Who in Business and Finance

I have written for the Pulitzer Center, am a  wikipedia.org Guild Writer, member of Helium.com Freelance Writers, have published articles on Leadership and Paranormal Psychology (PNP), participated and presented research, published pamphlets and poetry. I am a book author, have formal training in the Arts, Cheer-leading and Drill Team Coaching including ballet/tap/toe/jazz and singing.

I am well rounded, motivated, and consider life a learning experience and “I Am Alive”.

For My Poetry: http://tresmaliscott.wordpress.com

For Catholic Independent/Free Press: http://angelsdospeak.wordpress.com

For World Alert: http://tmscsecuritysvcs.blogspot.com

For Management Tips: http://tmscconsultingsvcsllc.wordpress.com

For Paranormal Psychology: http://tmscconsultingservices.wordpress.com, http://paranormalpsychology.wordpress.com, & http://internationalpnp.wordpress.com

For Black Writings: http://writingsofafricanamericans.wordpress.com

For Developmental Information: http://tmscconsultingsvcs.wordpress.com

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  3. Hi,
    Would you be interested in an author interview on your site?
    On the Trail of the Ancestors: A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America

    • cyclinggrandma, yes I would please send me the information on a time, or let me know were to send my questions to be answer so that I can post an interview, picture, and link to the site to purchase the book. Tres Mali on A Black-American Experience!®

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