With this Ring: Marriage will Save Humanity, but We Must First Save Marriage: Catholics for the Common Good Institute

With this Ring: Marriage will Save Humanity, but We Must First Save Marriage
Featured Speaker Bill May
Monday, June 6, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
Admission is free
John Paul the Great University
10174 Old Grove Road, San Diego, 92131

In partnership with the Office of Social Ministry of the Diocese of San Diego, CCG Chairman Bill May will provide a major address illuminating the marriage crisis and its corrosive effects on almost every family. May will report on the imminent threats to marriage and family caused by new legislation in Sacramento. The talk also will discuss:

• Why are young people having such difficulty understanding marriage?
• Why are an increasing number saying marriage is obsolete?
• Why are fewer and fewer young adults marrying?
• Why are over 40% of children being born to unmarried mothers?

This is a crisis that is touching every family. It is never too early to start talking to children about the reality of love, marriage, and family. It is never too late for adults to learn how the lies of the culture may be impairing their own relationships. Learn positive and practical new ways of talking to family members and friends about the reality of marriage and family. Find out how Stand with Children is revitalizing the marriage issue and evangelizing the culture.

Featured Speaker, William B. May, Chairman of Catholics for the Common Good will address these issues and answer your questions on speaking positively about the reality of marriage, recognizing the corrosive effects of the culture, learning to inoculate ourselves and our children, and forming a local team for effective evangelization of culture and organized action in the public square.

Mr. May, a nationally recognized speaker, has appeared on Good Morning America, The News Hour, all of the major TV networks, NPR, and in the Catholic media on such programs as Catholic Answers Live, Kresta in the Afternoon, The Good Fight with Barbara McGuigan, and Across the Nation.

Share this email and the downloadable flyer with friends, family members, parishioners, and leaders of Catholic organizations. Everyone who cares about the future of marriage and family is encouraged to attend this event.

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