Organization of Descriptive Qualitative Reseasch Research:During Para-Terrorist Activity: A Black-American Experience!®

Counseling Tres Mali Scott History: A Black-American Experience!®

Organization or Descriptive Qualitative Research Research:During Para-Terrorist Activity: A Black-American Experience!®

Parts and Sections of the Research:

1. Title

2. Writtien By

3. About the:

  • Company
  • University or College
  • Research Organization
  • Medical Researchers

4. Introduction

5. Purpose of Publication

6. Supporting Information

7.Research Time Period

8. Subjects

9. Definition of Terms

10. Methods

  • Informed Consent
  • Confidentiality
  • Type of Research
  • Information (data) Collection Process
  • Reporting of Information (data) Collected

11.Purpose of the Research

12. Results

13. Recommendations

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