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A Black-American Experience!®: “The Mississippi Boys” I Call Them “Sirs”!

The Scott or Mississippi Boys on A Black-American Experience!®

The Scottsboro Stories from Jackson County, Mississippi, one of these stories includes my family. The Mississippi Boys, I never knew their name, they were a story to me.

The Mississippi Boys are now “Men” I call them “SIRS“!  Not just a name, but also a title.

SIRS” is a title, “MISSISSIPPI BOYS” is a name.

I have and poem about these run away slaves, that slept in the swamps and attended college at the end of The United States of America Slavery. First the article and then the poem, please read and enjoy them. Tres Mali

From Helium.com:

In 2006 I saw a Government issued calendar that did not have “Black History Month” listed for observances. I became very upset. Many Black people died not only for Blacks, but also for other races and for this country. My Great Grandfather was a slave, he had a friend that was the slave owners son. The slaves knew math very well, they had to count how much cotton they had. One day the white boy decided he wanted to learn math, so he told my Great Grandfather, “I will teach you to read, if you teach me math.” They thought each other. As a result, my Great Grandfather was a member of the United States of America Armed Forces. As the white men would say “He is a Nigger that can read”.

After slavery, some of my run away slave family slept in the swamps, they attended college after the war, white women educated them. It is 2008, Black History Month is the “shortest” month of the year, and we are now educated enough to educate ourselves. I attended a Historical Black University, and three Historical White Universities. The class education was not much different, but the social opportunities are very different.

The Historical Black University I attended is now about 40% white, and the Government seems to acknowledge Black History Month about 40% of the time. I am Black 100% of the time and those that gave their lives just because they are Negro, Colored, Afro-American, Black, or African-American are 100% of the time. This countries Racism showed the importance of recognizing other cultures. We are no longer a “Melting Pot“. We are a “Mosaic”. Meaning, no longer do we have to give up who we are, multiculturalism allows us to share our cultures with others. Black people in the United States of America has given that opportunity to all Americans. “IT ALL STARTED WITH BLACK HISTORY MONTH!”

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Poem from Tres Mali Scott’s Poetry & Short Stories about “The Mississippi Sirs!” Better known as, “The Mississippi Boys” or “The Scot Boys”:

Modern day slavery on A Black-American Experience!®

In fields we kneeled to pick cotton

-moved from our land

-it takes more than just hands to build roots

-The cast of slavery gives us a ban

-running from torture in the water and through sand

-we read from the swamps

-college & education, a new socio-class

-we adapt to technology, because change is coming fast.

We Build roots in our new land!

-it takes more than just hands to build roots.

Tres Mali

First version of the poem published July 20, 2008 named Building Roots by Tres Mali Scott

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