People Are…Voters!: A Black-American Experience!®

People Are…Voters

From A Black-American Experience!®

Don’t ever forget “Ballot Box 105”.This Ballot Box was taken by the Sheriff in Florida from a Historically Black Church and not ever counted during what I call “The Baby Busch” election.

“The Baby Busch” election is the son, George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States, not the father (“The Dady Bush” election) George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States. This over 1100 votes could have changed who became President of the Unites States of America.

If your vote is not important why don’t they want to count it! Every votes really is important!

Don’t forget Ballot Box 105! Register To Vote & Then Vote!

The Black vote is so important, they stole everyone of them!

Tres Mali

P.S. I personally work the voter polls and am on the Voter Precinct Board in Los Angeles County, California USA. If you can not make it in to vote, you can vote by mail. They send you your Ballot and you mail it in.

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