The Wahhabi Movement: Aberration/Apparition

From: Angels Do Speak!
At 9:16 a.m. on 6/01/2011 after Mass at the Caderal of Our Lady of the Angels in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA USA, while drinking coffee in the coffee shop and reading Timetables Of History Second Revised Edition by Random House (1991), about the Wahhabi Movement, I had an experience of the Saudi family that is considered the foundation of most Islam sects that adopted the principles of the Wahhabi Sect.

According to the Timetables Of History (1991):

The puritanical Wahhabi movement within Islam was founded by Muhammed ibn Abd al-Wahhab, 1703-92. He advocated a return to the original principles of Islam and condemned as polytheistic the decoration of mosques and the cult of sints, which he saw as intervening in the personal and direct relationship between the faithful and God. In 1744 the powerful Saudi family in central Arabia adopted the principles of the Wahhabi sect.

Tres Mali

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