What Happened to the Black Ballerinas?: Kanye West & RUNAWAY

The United States of America has “Black Ballerinas” to.
What Happened? The Video Movie “RUNAWAY” with Kanye West has a cast of Ballerinas, what happened?

Tres Mali


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4 responses to “What Happened to the Black Ballerinas?: Kanye West & RUNAWAY

  1. Sam I Am

    I am black, and I just wanted to say that you sound like an ignorant racist. The video had so much symbolism in it, part of that being all-white ballerinas. Also, did you not notice that EVEYONE sitting at the table with Kanye was black. Think before you write things like this next time, especially when you represent an entire community of black people.

    • Sam I Am, I am a trained Black-American Ballerina, and as a Black Artist, I would like to see other races in videos. And as you can see, I can read and write, I am not ignorant. I asked about the “Ballerinas” not the table. I am “A Black-American Experience” not a community. The Ballet School I attended had an instructor that was in the Michael Jackson Thriller Video, so some of us do watch to see if Black people are casted in multiple roles. God Bless you, and when you see racially bias issues, please have as much courage to address them, as you do me. Sometimes it is easier for Blacks in America to address eachother, but we must also address the media, that limits our input and casting. A Black-American Experience

  2. Jeff

    The ballerinas are people from around the Czech Republic, which is 95% Slavic and 4% Vietnamese and maybe 0.003% black, for one thing.

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