What Impact Does The Removal of The Clergy For Crimes Have On Public Prayer?

From: Angels Do Speak!

Picture 032 This article is endorsed by Free/Independent Catholic Press, by , M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD) a Pulitzer Center 2nd & 3rd Place Citizen Journalist Awarded Writer.

Thinking about Clergy being removed as a article discusses (Friday, July 16, 2010, page A3), how does it affect prayer for the general population? Medical research shows people prayed for heal more quickly than those that do not receive prayer.

St. Faustina, in Divine Mercy Literature states that Priest are used different than others when I comes to prayer and is manifested by confession. There has been a reported shortage of  Priest and other Religious vocational individuals. What can lay people do to increase the amount of positive prayer during these perilous times?

The article, Vatican issues new abuse rules, states that, “…the new rules are silent on whether such crimes must be reported to civil authorities.” It sounds like the Vatican is also addressing this issue internationally. In the United States of America, the child abuse & domestic violence laws are different than those of other countries. Some countries still consider women and children property. In countries that support human trafficking, a culture of secrecy may protect the victim. Here in the United States of America, we have victim’s rights and agencies that protect and care for women  & children, not all countries have this. An example is the Newsweek article that is on the front page about torcher from leaving abusive families in Afghanistan.

This Los Angeles Times article also indicates that child molestation, sexual abuse of mentally disabled, and possession of child pornography are canonical crimes and noted with other sacramental crimes like apostasy and heresy.

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