The Old Testament, Jackie Don Christian Jr. (Jackie C), & Lights In The Sky (Moses) The Law: Aberration/Apparition


From: Angels Do Speak!00048040

At 9:52pm on 7/21/2010 I had a vision of men’s feet walking above my head, going up steps into a lighted craft, circular with green lights, when the men reached the top of the steps, it was a loud sound & bright light as they entered the craft. In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, when Angels visited Moses, to bring the law, there were bright lights in the sky, as a craft.

My ex-husband, Jackie Don Christian, Jr. also known as, Jackie C if from an Old Testament Church, one of the sets of feet looked like his. I pray for him to have Angels all the time.

Tres Mali 

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Filed under Black Leadership in America, Psychic Phenomena

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