Angel Beings & Nuclear Activity: Aberration/Apparition


From:   dceb3q9jpt


Last night (8/17/2010) I had an experience of an Angel being that has been giving me visions of possible nuclear activity. New Rockets have been developed that are short range & it may not look like nuclear activity. I pray that emergency and rescue personnel wear protective materials.

The type of visions I have had of St. Mary, Our Lady of Fatima causes me to report this experience and Angel Being.

According to Random House Timetable of History Second Revised Edition (1991) 1975 to 1977, the US and USSR signed a disarmament treaty that limited underground nuclear explosions in 1976. USSR, since then became many small countries under the continent name Russia, and more recently seven (7) of these countries have reunited. The old agreements are with a country that does not exist.

Because there are so many countries involved, I hope the United Nations is making efforts for new treaties.

Tres Mali

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