Acting In a Civilized Manner

This Topic is endorsed by The Writings of African-Americans, by Crisis Reporter, Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist

Each country or society develops at different paces. We, The United States of America, are considered civilized!

Some current countries, societies or communities do not act in a civilized manner. Many use violence, rape & torcher as their common means to interact. Other countries, societies, or so called communities see terrorism and as normal and common means to gain power.

We are Civilized, we act in a Civilized manner, the article that made the cover of News Week about the and women is a tragedy. I hope the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International are responding appropriately to this reported incident.

As a democracy we educate, communicate, and come together in an orderly fashion to agree or agree to disagree.

Tres Mali

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