Father Jose Corral and Malcolm X “His Glasses”: Aberration/Apparition


On 6/6/2010 while the priest, Father Jose Corral was saying Eucharist, “His Glasses” started looking different. I discerned that he is acquiring new “Gifts from the Holy Spirit” for Science and child abuse detection. I had a experience with some Angel Beings, most likely Cherubs, observing children. The children appeared as some abused children do, but another countries Angel Beings attacked them and scared them. They had not been abused by their parent.Malcolm-x

Father Corrals glasses then started looking like Malcolm X’s “Black-top” rimed glasses. When I spoke with Father Corral after Mass I discerned that some peaceful Muslims were around Father Corral. Malcolm X traveled to Mecca before he died.

Tres Mali

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Filed under Black Leadership in America, News, Psychic Phenomena

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