Recent New Child-onset Schizophrenia Diagnosis: The Paranormal Psychology View


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j0234543 All new diagnosis fall under paranormal psychology (PNP) because PNP deals with the mild forms of disorders and  diagnosis. The diagnosis for schizophrenia criteria is based on the age 21 because a certain amount of learning, language acquisition, moral development, and social development must occur in order to correctly diagnose schizophrenia. published an article on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 that brought this issue to the publics attention. I first heard of this problem in 2003 at , the first independent school of psychology in the United States of America. A student in class brought to our attention, that in Watts, California, young children presented behavior that was described as “schizophrenic”.

High levels of mercury in vaccines is also associated with this new diagnosis. February 16- March 15, 2005 states on page nine in the Nutritional Updates:

Vaccines- It was recently disclosed that officials at Merck Pharmaceutical Company knew as far back as 1991 about dangerously high mercury levels in their children’s vaccination. A memo released by the company (by court order) stated that one of their own scientists found mercury levels in vaccinated children to be 87 times the safe level determined by the FDA. That is 8,700% higher! Despite this warning, vaccine manufacturers continue to add the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal to even more children’s vaccines… –Read about it on the website

Reasons this diagnosis for Child-onset Schizophrenia is not accurate:

  1. At these ages, there is not enough language acquisition.
  2. At these ages, there is not enough moral development.
  3. At these ages, there is not enough social experience and development.
  4. At these ages, there is not enough emotional development.
  5. At these ages, there is not enough understanding or a concept of God.
  6. At these ages, there is not enough understanding of  Religion and the Law, which gives rules for living and behavior.

The United States of America’s school systems teaches to a certain level that allows the criteria of this diagnosis to be valid and reliable.

“Rule Outs”  for correct diagnosis of what is called Child-onset Schizophrenia:

  1. Emotional Disturbed (ED)
  2. Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADD)
  3. Mood Disorders
  4. Hearing Problems (effects and affects language acquisition, socialization, emotional development, learning in school).
  5. Parenting Styles (how the parent deals with aggressive behaviors and other inappropriate behaviors, how the parents deal with reinforcing positive behaviors).
  6. Parents past drug use (effects the physiology of the child, rule out biological bases and medical issues that affect mental state). New drugs such as Meth, Crank, and others with similar chemical make up, now have offspring whose behaviors have not been studied. For example, over the counter cough syrup has the foundation chemicals for Meth.
  7. Medical problems and other biological bases for psychological problems (not from parents past drug use).
  8. *Toxins & Poisons (Bio, Biological, and Germ-Warfare, Terrorism, Para-terrorism)

*On 3/4/2010 Radio News MPR 89.90 reported a story about Siegel, West Africa where battery recycling caused lead poisoning in infants and children that caused at least 18 deaths and numerous injuries, defects, and developmental abnormalities.

Another Case of A Vaccine associated with a Psychological issue:

The Anti-Vaccine movement looks at many of these cases. I, , M.Ed., M.S., ABD am not Anti-Vaccine. I have personally taken many of the vaccines that are being questioned. I am “Pro-Correct Dose”.  This may look like a “Correct Dose Vaccine Movement”.

The Radio News on 89.95MHz at 1:00pm on 2/2/2010 stated that Dr. Andrew Wakefield, British Gastroenterologist suggested an association between childhood Mumps/Measles/Rubella (MMR) immunization, bowel disease and autism:

Interaction between viruses could:

  1. Have a negative impact on a child’s immune system,
  2. Lead to persistent infection gastrointestinal tract, and
  3. Lead, in the long run to possible brain damage and autism.

The article was published in :


Journal of Pediatrics

Journal Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t

Furlano, RI; Anthony, A; Day, R; Brown, A; McGarvey, L; Thomson, MA; Davies, SE; Berelowitz, M; Forbes, A; Wakefield, AJ; Walker-Smith,JA; Murch, SH;

University Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, The Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Study Group, Royal Free and University College School of Medicine, London United Kingdom.

Colonic CD8 and gamma delta T-cell infiltration with epithelial damage in children with autism.

This study was looking at a common problem in children with autism. One finding is the autistic children were less severe than classical inflammatory bowel disease.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is now being accused of being dishonest, acting irresponsibly, and taking money from the people suing the pharmaceutical company.

Websites about science-based  information:


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