My Dog “Little Bit”: Aberration/Apparition

2/27/2010——-For about five years I have had visions of my dog “Little Bit’s” puppies. Little Bit was hit by a car and died.

Once I went home for Christmas Break while attending Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma USA. I gave my next door neighbor a 40 or 50 pound bag of dog food to feed “Little Bit”.

When I returned from Christmas Break, it was about a month, the young woman, my next door neighbor stated that “Little Bit” ate her puppies.

The dog food bag looked like she did not use it. You would never believe how someone who looks nice and normal would abuse an animal.

“Little Bit” looks like a large Angel Being and her puppies look like small Angel Beings. They like to hang around my younger brother Stephen. My Grandparents that passed away once took a picture of Stephen the their dog.

Tres Mali

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Filed under Black Leadership in America, Psychic Phenomena

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