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From Community Links Magazine: 18 The Fake Enemy

The Southern California Community Links Magazine’s January 1- January 15, 2010 Vol. 5 Issue 146 page 4 has a great quote from Rabbi Yanki Tauber (Jewish):

True achievement is possible only under conditions of absolute freedom. A person must be in full control of his or her life, free of any constraints and hindrances. But being “in control” breed complacency and spiritual laziness; only when challenged and oppressed, only when compelled to resist and battle “overpowering” circumstances, does the human being rise to and actualize his or her true potential.

Rabbi Yanki Tauber

A response to number 18 The Fake Enemy from Americanj0200547 Theorist Tres Mali Scott:

I believe when the free and in control lean about the past and the struggles others endured they may also rise as a human being and actualize to his or her true potential. That is why reading was denied the United States of America Slaves.

Tres Mali

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What Does the Word Nigger Mean?

j0402670 When I was growing up, the Webster’s Dictionary said that nigger means:

An ignorant person and a derogatory term used towards Blacks and Africans from slavery.

During slavery, Blacks and Africans were denied the ability to read, which literally is ignorance.

Tres Mali

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An Angel with a Horn: Aberration/Apparition



At 11:51am on12/28/2009 while praying the “Table Prayer for the Christmas Season” from St. Mary Magdalene Parish on the line:

“…For every good deed done in God’s name..”

I said, “For every good deed done in my name…”

and an Angel with a horn appeared. I then had visions of:

  • St. Patrickwb051396
  • St. Pio
  • St. Theresa Lisieux
  • The Blessed Mother Teresa
  • St. Monica
  • The Apostle of Jesus Christ Luke
  • The Apostle of Jesus Paul
  • St. Jude
  • Many Unknown Saints

Tres Mali

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