Our Diamonds: All Religious Parishners, 75 Years of Service

Our Diamondsj0410089

The brilliance out shines all.

The Character, like a diamond, was cut with each fall,

And then lifted up by such saints as Paul.

Our Diamonds

To their leadership we ran.

Positive thoughts, hopes, & dreams for us to develop, they gave us a hand.

To enjoy their smiles, we looked at the women or man.

Our Diamonds

From their strength, faith, & perseverance we also say we can.

Some hand writing is on the wall, we follow Jesus, our writing is in the sand.

Our Diamonds

The wisdom our Parishners offer people go from “Bethsheba to dan”.

Because of their contributions to our lives, we pray together with faith and say our Amen’s.

Our Diamonds!

Tres Mali Scott

About the Author Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott 030

  • Best Poems and Poets of 2008 by the International Library of Poetry
  • Nominated Poet of the Year 2008 by the International Society of Poets
  • Editor’s Choice Award 3x 2007-2008 by the International Library of Poetry
  • Member of the Academy of American Poets since 2008
  • Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalism 2nd Place Award (3/2008)
  • Published by Noble House London in Memoirs  (2009)



Amen-meaning “and so it is”

Bathsheba to Dan-meaning “a long ways”

Look at the women or man-representing the presence of Jesus Christ

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