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Growing Up To Michael Jackson Music!

pl_michael-jackson[1] (2) A great era in music has ended, Michael Jackson shaped much of music history since the 80’s. The music video Thriller, a short movie, changed the way music artist viewed the craft of music.

The Thriller Video was important in my life because a Dance Instructor of mine, Karen from Dance Wonderland, was in the Thriller Video. At that time I took ballet, tap, toe, and jazz. I also attended a Ballet School in Inglewood, California with a Russian Instructor, Ms. Whales.

Lessons of life:

jackson_michael[1] (2) Appreciate while alive: sold-out concerts, screaming fans, and the chance to live a childhood that was spent practicing and making music for the world’s enjoyment.

If you missed something, take time to experience it. A lesson from Michael Jackson, that is what he taught me! Michael Jackson and his family have had many stories written about them, good, bad, and neutral. As a “pop superstar” whatever the truth, he has still had an impact on many, many lives.

Thank you to Michael Jackson for the music that is a part of many of my life’s memories. May the Almighty God Bless and Keep Michael Jackson and his surviving family.

image685841g[1] (2) The “King of Pop’s” Memories Live On.


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