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Author Ash, Tennis Player & St. Mary Magdalene: Aberration/Apparition

j0320870 Around 10:00am on 07/17/2009 I  had a vision of Author Ash Tennis Player, while sitting at the 1000 Block of Holt in West Los Angeles, California. I also had a vision of St. Mary Magdalene, like the  tapestry on the walls of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Downtown Los Angeles, California.


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Music by Victor Stevens at Venice Beach, California, Bob Marley: Aberration/Apparition

While visiting Venice Beach, California on 07/12/2009 I heardj0410375 Victor Steven’s Music & WHYH Fayah Antoaneta Kolarova is the music manager. He stated it is all original music, it is spiritual music that has lyrics including the name is Jesus.

It is beautiful music. Music by Victor Stevens:


At 7:10pm on 0/12/2009 I had a vision of Bob Marley and Angels while listening to Music by Victor Stevens.


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Red Fox, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley Vision At Venice Beach, California: Aberration/Apparition

j0432787 On 07/12/2009 I visited Venice Beach, California, I had visions of Red Fox, , and Bob Marley. There was also several live tribal like bands on the Beach playing drum music.

When I was growing up, many famous people and artist were found at Venice Beach in California. I looks the same, a spirit of hope and success in the air. The “American Dream”.


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General Motors (GM): The Largest Bankruptcy in US History: Smaller and Less Dept

j0441736 Update: General Motors (GM)’s bankruptcy is considered the largest in US history. Per the Los Angeles Times, General Motors has emerged from the bankruptcy smaller and less dept-ridden.

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What is Humanitarian Aid?

Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott 020 This topic is endorsed in part by the Writings of African-Americans by Tres Mali Scott on Crisis Reporting a 2nd and 3rd Place Citizen Journalist Award Winner.

Humanitarian Aid is a response to a crisis or emergency and is material, food, water, clothing, etc. assistance for saving lives, alleviating suffering, and maintaining human dignity, and does not address the underlying socioeconomic factors which lead toVegetable Bounty the crisis or emergency. Internationally,this is invoked two ways:

  1. Peacetime- Human Rights Law
  2. Armed conflict- International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law (Armed conflict) is also considered accepted Customary Law and a universal codification standard. The has the UN office for the Coordination of j0362859 Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), formed in 1991 by the General Assembly Resolution 46/182 & the Department of Humanitarian Affairs (DHA) replacing the Office of the United Nations Disaster Relief Coordinator formed in 1972. Humanitarian Aid is also called:

  • International Relief and
  • Development Aid

There are Seven Conventions and Nine Protocols that include International Humanitarian Law (Armed conflict). Conventions are defined as standard presentations and protocols are defined as, the simplest-rules governing the syntax, semantics, & synchronization of communication and the lowest protocols defines the behavior of a hardware. The conventions and protocols for International Humanitarian Law (Armed conflict) are:

  1. The of 1949.
  2. Additional Protocols of 1977, protection of victims of armed conflicts.
  3. The 1954 Convention, protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict plus its two protocols.
  4. The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.
  5. The 1980 Conventional Weapons Convention and its five protocols.
  6. The 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention.
  7. The 1997Ottawa convention on anti-personnel mines.
  8. The 2000 Optional Protocol to the convention on the Rights of child on the involvement of children in armed conflict.

International Humanitarian Law (Armed conflict) is used:

  • only for armed conflict, j0423008
  • once the conflict has begun, and
  • equally applied to both sides regardless of who started the fighting.

International armed conflicts are those in which at least two states are involved, the use of the word states for these purposes implies the word country is included or synonymous.

A London research released in April of 2009 stated that 122 Humanitarian Aid Worker were murdered and 260 assaulted.

Human Rights Law applies to peacetime and many of the provisions are suspended during armed conflict. The United Nations (UN)  has the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), it is the first International statement to use the term “human rights”.

The Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

  • The right to self determination.
  • The right to own, trade, and dispose of their property freely, and not deprived of their means of subsistence.

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National Black Theatre

For information about The National Black Theatre Festival August 6-7, 2009 go to:

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Our Diamonds: All Religious Parishners, 75 Years of Service

Our Diamondsj0410089

The brilliance out shines all.

The Character, like a diamond, was cut with each fall,

And then lifted up by such saints as Paul.

Our Diamonds

To their leadership we ran.

Positive thoughts, hopes, & dreams for us to develop, they gave us a hand.

To enjoy their smiles, we looked at the women or man.

Our Diamonds

From their strength, faith, & perseverance we also say we can.

Some hand writing is on the wall, we follow Jesus, our writing is in the sand.

Our Diamonds

The wisdom our Parishners offer people go from “Bethsheba to dan”.

Because of their contributions to our lives, we pray together with faith and say our Amen’s.

Our Diamonds!

Tres Mali Scott

About the Author Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott 030

  • Best Poems and Poets of 2008 by the International Library of Poetry
  • Nominated Poet of the Year 2008 by the International Society of Poets
  • Editor’s Choice Award 3x 2007-2008 by the International Library of Poetry
  • Member of the Academy of American Poets since 2008
  • Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalism 2nd Place Award (3/2008)
  • Published by Noble House London in Memoirs  (2009)



Amen-meaning “and so it is”

Bathsheba to Dan-meaning “a long ways”

Look at the women or man-representing the presence of Jesus Christ

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Ground Breaking Flame, Father Jose Corral’s Mass: Aberration/Apparition

j0236357 Before 8:00am Sunday Mass on 07/05/2009, while group Rosary, a flame came up through the floor of the Alter behind the Alter Table.

At 8:27am during Mass a flame came up through the floor on the left side of the Alter (when facing the Alter).


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Michael Jackson: Aberration/Apparition

jackson_michael[1] (2) At 7:51pn on 07/04/2009 I had a vision of as a child while sitting in front of St. Mary Magdalene Parish is West Los Angeles, California.


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Growing Up To Michael Jackson Music!

pl_michael-jackson[1] (2) A great era in music has ended, Michael Jackson shaped much of music history since the 80’s. The music video Thriller, a short movie, changed the way music artist viewed the craft of music.

The Thriller Video was important in my life because a Dance Instructor of mine, Karen from Dance Wonderland, was in the Thriller Video. At that time I took ballet, tap, toe, and jazz. I also attended a Ballet School in Inglewood, California with a Russian Instructor, Ms. Whales.

Lessons of life:

jackson_michael[1] (2) Appreciate while alive: sold-out concerts, screaming fans, and the chance to live a childhood that was spent practicing and making music for the world’s enjoyment.

If you missed something, take time to experience it. A lesson from Michael Jackson, that is what he taught me! Michael Jackson and his family have had many stories written about them, good, bad, and neutral. As a “pop superstar” whatever the truth, he has still had an impact on many, many lives.

Thank you to Michael Jackson for the music that is a part of many of my life’s memories. May the Almighty God Bless and Keep Michael Jackson and his surviving family.

image685841g[1] (2) The “King of Pop’s” Memories Live On.


Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott 084


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