General Motors Corp. (GM) is the Biggest Bankruptcy Filing in U.S. History

June 2, 2009 the Los Angeles Times published an outstanding article that answers some important questions about the General Motors Corp. bankruptcy filing. Page A 10 has the following information:

  1. Will my warranty be honored?
  2. Can I keep using my GM branded credit card? What about its earnings program?
  3. Will replacement parts be available for GM cars?
  4. If the dealer where I bought my car closes, will I still be able to get dealer-provided services?
  5. Will OnStar service continue?
  6. Will the company go ahead with plans for new models?
  7. As an employee, do I still report for work as usual?
  8. will employees continue to get health benefits?
  9. How will the bankruptcy filing affect retiree benefits?
  10. Can my pension be tapped by the company to help pay its debts?

The Los Angeles Times’ June 2, 2009, page A10 article is looking at some difficult questions that effect millions of U.S .Americans.

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