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The First Housing Project of the United States of America

The first housing project of the United States of America:

  • 1936
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Named": “Techwood Homes”


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The Original Fossils of “IDA” and “Lucy” on Display at the Discovery Times Square Exposition

The Lucy Legacy-Her Story is your Story, and The link-IDA Is her story your story, too?

This is an international exhibition organized by the Houston Museum of Natural Science in collaboration with the ministry of culture and tourism of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Exhibition Coordinating Committee. or 866.9.TSXNYC for individuals, for groups 15+ 866.9.NYCTIX

Between 7th and 8th Avenue 226 West 44th Street


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Remembering Oklahoma: Langston University, University of Central Oklahoma, & Oklahoma State University

Spirit of God Conference video 145

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Marvin Gay: Aberration/Apparition

At 11:12am on 06/13/2009 I had a vision of Marvin Gay. Life is a learning experience, many people have done things or died in manners that are not considered honorable, “The Gift of God is Eternal Life”. Some are in a process to get closer to God.j0436874

May the Almighty God Bless and Keep Marvin Gay. His music has contributed to the Black-American Culture for several decades.


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From The Writings of African-Americans: Shona, Tswana, Hutu, Tutsi, & Twa: Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Rwanda

This topic is endorsed in part by The Writings of African-Americans, Crisis Reporting By Tres Mali Scott 

Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalism 2nd Place Award Winner

In February of 2008 the Pulitzer Center endorsed a title about the civil wars, occurring in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Rwanda. National Geographic has a publication, Book of Peoples of the World, A Guide To Cultures (2007), it has maps of each region and pictures of the native people in a natural scene.

Zimbabwe & Mozambique have a population of about 10 million that are primarily Shona people, nine million in Zimbabwe and southern Mozambique, and Tswana people in Zimbabwe. They speak Korekore, Ndau, and Karanga. The language of the Shona is one of the most widely spoken in southern Africa, and is evident by the number of people that are Shona. The Shona live mostly in villages and their traditional religion is vadzimu or ancestor spirits. The Shona also farm rice, peanuts and raise cattle, sheep, and chickens.

Rwanda has a population of 18 million and in 2004, as a result of the past genocide, Rwanda passed new legislation that forbids political parties from making any reference to ethnic, religious, regional, or clan differences in their names or operations. For several centuries, the Hutu and Tutsi have had a relationship of hostility and occasional violence, while living next door to each other.

Rwanda is known for some of the worst violence of the 20th Century. Following independence in 1962, two countries emerging that had been Rwanda were Urundi or Belgian East Africa. During this violence Hutu seized power. The people of Rwanda are made up of Hutu, Tutsi, & Twa. 

In conclusion, the civil wars, deforestation, and the genocide of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda have had many at this time endorsing titles and topics that bring these issues to the attention of  the world. , The Writings of African-Americans, , , and have given many words of education on the subject.

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General Motors Corp. (GM) is the Biggest Bankruptcy Filing in U.S. History

June 2, 2009 the Los Angeles Times published an outstanding article that answers some important questions about the General Motors Corp. bankruptcy filing. Page A 10 has the following information:

  1. Will my warranty be honored?
  2. Can I keep using my GM branded credit card? What about its earnings program?
  3. Will replacement parts be available for GM cars?
  4. If the dealer where I bought my car closes, will I still be able to get dealer-provided services?
  5. Will OnStar service continue?
  6. Will the company go ahead with plans for new models?
  7. As an employee, do I still report for work as usual?
  8. will employees continue to get health benefits?
  9. How will the bankruptcy filing affect retiree benefits?
  10. Can my pension be tapped by the company to help pay its debts?

The Los Angeles Times’ June 2, 2009, page A10 article is looking at some difficult questions that effect millions of U.S .Americans.

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Thank You St. Michael’s World Apostolate: Prayers for Mrs. Bobbie O. Traylor, M.Ed. Guthrie Job Corps Center

St. Michael’s World Apostolate, thank you for sending Angels to help me pray for Mrs. Bobbie O.Traylor, M.Ed., Deputy Director of the Guthrie Job Corps Center.

My the almighty God send Mrs. Traylor yellow roses from  Heaven, Get Well!!!!!j0436874


“The Power of Heaven Shall Be Known Through the Roses”.

                                                               St. Mary

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African-American Churches, Angel Beings, & St. Mary: Aberration/Apparition

j0422632 At 1:09pm, 1:12pm, & 1:17pm on 6/8/2009 I experienced Angel Beings praying for their African-American Churches and I had visions of St. Mary. (The meaning of white roses)

I also had visions of St. Mary at 9:27pm, 9:34pm, and 9:37pm.

“The Power of Heaven Shall Be Known Through the Roses”

                                                                  St. Mary


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Our Diamonds: African-American Parishners 75 Years of Service

75 years of service, remembering the slavery bans,

In these years we also own land,

From their strength, faith, and perseverance we also say we can.

Some hand writing is on the wall, we follow Jesus, our writing is in the sand.

The wisdom our Parishners offer people go from “Bathsheba to Dan”.

Because of their contributions to our lives, we pray together with faith and say our Amen’s.

To their Leadership we ran.

Positive thoughts, hopes & dreams for us to develop they gave us a hand.

To enjoy their smiles, we looked at the women or man.


The brilliance out shines all.

The character like a diamond, was cut with each fall.

And then lifted up by such Saints as Paul!!!!!

This poem is written at the request of St. Mary Magdalene Church’s African-American Ministries in Honor of Parishners 75 years old.

Tres Mali Scott

About the AuthorSpirit of God Conference video 071

  • Best Poems and Poets of 2008 by the International Library of Poetry
  • Nominated Poet of the Year 2008 by the International Society of Poets
  • Editor’s Choice Award 3x 2007-2008 by the International Library of Poetry
  • Member of the Academy of American Poets since 2008
  • Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalism 2nd Place Award (3/2008)
  • Published by Noble House London in Memoirs “Seven Months & Walking” (2009)



Amen-meaning “and so it is”

Bathsheba to Dan-meaning “a long ways”

Look at the women or man-representing the presence of Jesus Christ

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St. Bernadette Parish Los Angeles, California: Town Hall Meeting

“Struggle for Black Priest” 5th Annual Town Hall Meeting at St. Bernadette Parish Hall:

  • Saturday June 6, 2009
  • 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • 3825 Don Felipe Drive Los Angeles, California 90008

The Town Hall meeting discussion groups include:

  1. Parents
  2. Priests
  3. School Administrators
  4. New LA Archiociese Plan for Vocational leadership
  5. Regional Level
  6. Parish Community

The African-American Catholic Center for Evangelization:

9505 Haas Avenue Los Angeles, California 90047 323-777-2106 

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