Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Aberration/Apparition

The the Mass celebrating the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I experienced a psychic echo of him doing what Malcolm X did in using words that address the problems of Black-Americans today.

Malcolm X talks more in bullet form, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. talks more in speech form. It was easier to remember what Malcolm X said.

During the Memorial Mass, like our past history of racism and oppression, I could feel the witchcraft and sorcries that racist used to oppress and torture. Many movies have been made that reflect racists attacking Black-Americans during Church Service. I think it is a gift, for a better understanding of my personal history.

A Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote:

“[…] If you can’t be the Sun, be a Star[…]”


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Filed under Black Leadership in America, Psychic Phenomena, Sayings/Quotes

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