Looking Into The Eyes Of Racism

In the Year of Our Lord 2000 A.D. at Oklahoma State University before my own problems with racism, I was informed that the only Black Man to graduate with an engineering degree sat outside the classroom to listen to class lectures.

I was a teaching assistant to the Professor at Oklahoma State University, progress, but I was also informed that his son was attending the program at the same time I was attending a Ph.D. program there.

I left Oklahoma State University “alive”, “ABD”,  and with one of the highest Statistics classes you can get. I don’t know if the engineer’s son graduated.

Once on my way to my program classes, I was the first accepted Black student in 5 years, a Soror (DST) told me some of us left the school. At the time I had not experienced the racis. Then one of the Professors (A White Man) backed me into a corner and threatened me outside the elevator on the basement floor where no one could see. That was the first time I ever really lookid into the eyes of racism. It is terrible to see.

Another time I was in the area where you check out assessments, I specialize  in assessment, a student hit in very hard on my back and than said, “Tres, are you mad at me?” I said, “Do I have a reason to be mad at you?” There is a camera in the room, I am sure she was trying to get me to good off on her. I worked with “at risk” youth for over 15 years, just because people are intelligent enough to get a Doctorate does not mean they are emotionally ready. Racism deals with how you feel.

In school they teach us to be careful of the sutdents they may be dangerous, be careful of the professors.

When I attended Pepperdine University the racism was so bad that once the internet homepage had a nuce on it.

I had attended White College/University before: Los Angeles Pierce College, West Los Angeles, and the University of Central Oklahoma. Socio-economic status has been the problem.

The schools that identify more middle class are less racist. Many of the books written about minority issues are really socio-economic. Poor Whites have the same types of issues as other races.

White Saying!!!!!

“You can take the Whites out of the poor, but you can’t take the poor out of the Whites.”

The Black Saying I listened to growing up!!!!!

“You can take Nigger out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the Nigger.”

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