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The Caribbean, Americans and HIV/AIDS

Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali ScottTitle endorsed in part by: on Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott This is a 3rd Place Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist Award Winning Article (3/2008)

The Caribbean, Dominican Republic, and Haiti receive US dollars to help fight AIDS. These countries have "sex tourism". The US President’s Emergency Plan (Bush) (PEPFAR) for AIDS relief spent $6.4 million, on HIV/AIDS & The Caribbeanindividuals that condemn sex work $55 million in US dollars from PEPFAR flowed into organizations and agencies in Haiti. Critics state the pledge to condemn sex work reduces aid to those most at risk.

The rates of infection are dropping, Dr. Jean Pape (2007) states two reasons in the decrease in HIV infection from 8% to 2%:

  1. Promoting Condoms
  2. Screening for other sexually transmitted diseases

Many cases come from rape of young girls and adolescents. Sex tourism comes from deeply divided and largely improvised areas.

These sex workers service the penitentiary for less than $5.00 and tourist for about $85.00. In these penitentiaries AIDS is undetected or untreated. Infectious illnesses and deaths are not tracked for public health like the US, including AIDS. The data is difficult to get.

The problem is international, the US has the highest rated among industrialized counties of individuals The better health care the longer individuals live.

Young people are offered some programs to socialize. Many of them were sex workers. Once they contract HIV agencies and organizations like The Movement of United Women (Movimiento de Mujeres Unido) and International Harm Reduction Association assist them. They may return home.

For the rest of the article go to: Pulitzer Center Endorsed Titles through Helium Where Knowledge Rules

Update to Original Article Written

Per the LA Times, Barack OBama requested the William J. Clinton Foundation to release the list of donors. This foundation also contributes to AIDS victimsin underdeveloped countries. The list of donors include:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Dubai
  • Norway

Thank God other countries care about their AIDS victims and those of other underdeveloped countries.

Writing this article was made possible by the donations by Stephan Tucker Scott, MBA.


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Tiger Woods and GQ Magazine!!!!!: A Black-American Experience!®

Tiger Wood & GQ Magazine on A Black-American Experience!®

Many years ago Tiger Woods made off the record distasteful jokes and a writer present published the jokes.

Be careful-you never know who is listening!!!!!

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