Amon Parker: Entertainment Agent

Amon Parker, white trucks & Gold courses—–Inglewood, California.

Cousins and friends. When you are 17 years old, young and free, you never think you could die. One day me and Amon woke up and Phaedra L. Battle was dead.

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” That is the way to phrase it. We both went away to college, I went to Langston University in Oklahoma and he went to UC Davis in Northern California.

Amon became an agent for the WNBA and Motown Records, “Big Time.”

He died in a motor cycle accident. I am grateful I had an opportunity to know my cousin. When we were growing up, my uncle, his father, was in the military. We did not get to see each other that often, they were in Germany.

After we graduated from High School and before going away to colleg we got to “kick it”. Westwood was great!!!!!


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