A Black American Experience: Why Become a Citizen Soldier

I wrote an article for a Pulitzer CenterCitizen Journalism Contest through http://www.helium.com/user/show_articles/111211  about India. The U.S. Department of State on Travel’s Report on India high lights Anti-Christian and Anti-Western Activity.

India is a distant place, here in the United States of America in the Greater Los Angeles Area I met a man, a foreigner, he spoke to me each day for a couple of years. He goes to the library to use the Government computer, once I got upset because I watched  young Black-American people turned down for computer use and he uses the computer.

Why would I care? Because he told me he was going to kill me because I am a “Christian Person”. I din to know that 2000 years later people are still killed because of Jesus Christ. I told him, “I am Roman Catholic”. And about 50 years later Black-Americans are stilled being turned down, but foreigners are free to threaten to kill us because of religion.

I not longer go to that library, “when people tell you how they are, believe them.” I enlisted in the U. S. National Guard Army California. I am a Black-American Women, when foreigners are bold enough to tell Native Citizens the will kill them, them we need what the Army calls more Citizen Soldiers.


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