A Black American Experience: Appreciation

When I was 17 years old, the year after I graduated from High School, my Best Friend died in a car accident. She was accepted to Linfield University in Oregon. It graduates the top 10 percent of the students that attend Medical School. She was a 4.12 Catholic School Graduate (Honor Classes). Phaedra L. Battle.

The night before she died, she had just returned from college for Christmas Break. I was i in my pajamas, she came and picked me up. We went to the top  of a mountain that we climbed prom night. She told me that, she know I am a good friend and she loved me for that.

The next night we were going out with my cousin Amon Parker. Shed died in a car accident before she picked us up. Two cars were racing down the street and ran the light.

She taught me to tell people I appreciated and love them before they are gone. My Mother, Dr. Jacqueline D. Parker-Scott, MBA calls it, “Enjoying every minute while you have it.”

I was married, most of the people I know, know my ex-husband. Most choose to talk to him because he is a TV and Radio Personality in Oklahoma.

I changed my career from working with “at risk” youth, school counseling, and management to writing.

Now that I am Internationally Awarded in writing, I have talked with some of them. The other awards I obtained are Professional International Awards.

Because I understand the importance of appreciation, I told everyone I love them, many of us have gone through a lot together, during our younger years many people died, “We are Alive!!!!!”

I may not see many of them, writing takes up most of my time, but I made sure they all know I appreciate all the great times.

I am now, multi-published and Internationally Awarded and Recognized in Poetry. I also have a second place Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalism Award.


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