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Amon Parker: Entertainment Agent

Amon Parker, white trucks & Gold courses—–Inglewood, California.

Cousins and friends. When you are 17 years old, young and free, you never think you could die. One day me and Amon woke up and Phaedra L. Battle was dead.

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” That is the way to phrase it. We both went away to college, I went to Langston University in Oklahoma and he went to UC Davis in Northern California.

Amon became an agent for the WNBA and Motown Records, “Big Time.”

He died in a motor cycle accident. I am grateful I had an opportunity to know my cousin. When we were growing up, my uncle, his father, was in the military. We did not get to see each other that often, they were in Germany.

After we graduated from High School and before going away to colleg we got to “kick it”. Westwood was great!!!!!


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A Black American Experience: Appreciation

When I was 17 years old, the year after I graduated from High School, my Best Friend died in a car accident. She was accepted to Linfield University in Oregon. It graduates the top 10 percent of the students that attend Medical School. She was a 4.12 Catholic School Graduate (Honor Classes). Phaedra L. Battle.

The night before she died, she had just returned from college for Christmas Break. I was i in my pajamas, she came and picked me up. We went to the top  of a mountain that we climbed prom night. She told me that, she know I am a good friend and she loved me for that.

The next night we were going out with my cousin Amon Parker. Shed died in a car accident before she picked us up. Two cars were racing down the street and ran the light.

She taught me to tell people I appreciated and love them before they are gone. My Mother, Dr. Jacqueline D. Parker-Scott, MBA calls it, “Enjoying every minute while you have it.”

I was married, most of the people I know, know my ex-husband. Most choose to talk to him because he is a TV and Radio Personality in Oklahoma.

I changed my career from working with “at risk” youth, school counseling, and management to writing.

Now that I am Internationally Awarded in writing, I have talked with some of them. The other awards I obtained are Professional International Awards.

Because I understand the importance of appreciation, I told everyone I love them, many of us have gone through a lot together, during our younger years many people died, “We are Alive!!!!!”

I may not see many of them, writing takes up most of my time, but I made sure they all know I appreciate all the great times.

I am now, multi-published and Internationally Awarded and Recognized in Poetry. I also have a second place Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalism Award.


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Malcolm X: Aberration/Apparition

After writing about my experience with a foreigner, Malcolm X said,

  •  “They are killing people because they are American, get away from the foreign Muslims.”
  •  It is December 14, 2008 and the USA is at War with the Middle East, mostly Muslim.
  • For an article about Anti-Christian and Anti-Western Acitivity go to: http://tmscconsultingsvcsllc.wordpress.com


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A Black American Experience: Why Become a Citizen Soldier

I wrote an article for a Pulitzer CenterCitizen Journalism Contest through http://www.helium.com/user/show_articles/111211  about India. The U.S. Department of State on Travel’s Report on India high lights Anti-Christian and Anti-Western Activity.

India is a distant place, here in the United States of America in the Greater Los Angeles Area I met a man, a foreigner, he spoke to me each day for a couple of years. He goes to the library to use the Government computer, once I got upset because I watched  young Black-American people turned down for computer use and he uses the computer.

Why would I care? Because he told me he was going to kill me because I am a “Christian Person”. I din to know that 2000 years later people are still killed because of Jesus Christ. I told him, “I am Roman Catholic”. And about 50 years later Black-Americans are stilled being turned down, but foreigners are free to threaten to kill us because of religion.

I not longer go to that library, “when people tell you how they are, believe them.” I enlisted in the U. S. National Guard Army California. I am a Black-American Women, when foreigners are bold enough to tell Native Citizens the will kill them, them we need what the Army calls more Citizen Soldiers.


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