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Our Current War: Aberration/Apparition

At 10:13am 12/5/2008 while reading National Geographic’s Inside the Vatican by Bart McDowell and Photographs by James L. Stanfield, when I closed my eyes (praying), page 28 talks about St. Peter’s comparison, it looked like a white horse, stone looking me in the face.

  • Stone represents character
  • According to the Book of Revelations of the Holy Bible a white horse represents war.

I personally don’t know why we are really at war, it looks like:

  • Why we are at war is set in stone, concrete and the character of our World Leaders is being exposed.


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Be Careful of Your Words: Remembering a Poem From Chicken Soup For The Soul

A Poem I use to tell “at risk” youth when I worked with them:

  • When I was young and free and my heart had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I shorten my site a bite and decided to change only my country. Now as I lay on my death bed, I suddenly realize, if I would have started with my family, then my country, who knows I may have even changed the world.

I also use to tell them about being careful of their thoughts, words, actions, deeds, and destiny!

I have not worked with them for more than six years and I suddenly realized:

  • I started with my family, invited everyone I could to go to college.
  • Worked with the Government to help “at risk” youth.
  • And now I have written an Internationally recognized Award, a Second Place Pulitzer Citizen Journalism Award (Contest #1 March 2008), and this article helped change the world, to read the article go to: http://tmscconsultingsvcsllc.wordpress.com search word Rwanda.

I taught what I believe, Leadership Skills that lead to success, I said those poems for about three to five years, I am happy I am careful of my words!!!!!


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