More Than African Slaves Were Denied Reading During The Time Of USA Slavery!!!!!

On 11/23/2008 I was waiting for my Father to get home. I sat on some bricks in a corner by some bushes. There was a powerful Burst of Healing from St. Luke and St. Bridget of Sweden. I use to pray the St. Bridget of Sweden Chaplet.

After feeling this Burst, I prayed Chaplets of Divine Mercy on:

  • St. Michael Chaplet Beads
  • Brazilian Rosary Beads from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
  • The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Beads
  • A straight line Chaplet from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, it use to have three sets of three beads, it broke and I use it as two sets of three beads.

I then heard Native American Spirits, I am Eastern and Western Cherokee, stating:

  • They have Angels now, too. “I know God Loves Me.” It was a male, he is large and looks like a Chief.
  • While writing, St. Teresa of Aliva started crying. She wants to share the love of God.
  • Some of the Spirits stated that they are what I am and because we have a spirit some called them demons. They stated that they can be born unto Earth again because they have watched me and learned to do good.

I use to work for the Job Corps System, I taught Leadership Training. One of my lessons I taught:

  • We do not choose who models after us, people choose who they model after. You never know who chooses to model after you!!!!!

From this experience, I would say:

  • Native Americans in the United States of America were also denied reading.


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