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Charles Lwanga [Martyrs of Uganda] (d. 1885-1887), Saint: Black Catholic History Month

St. Charles Lwanga died with a group of courtiers and servants in the court of King Mwanga of Uganda (r. 1884-1901). There Feast Day is June 3, and they were canonized in 1964.

Some of the Martyrs were young boys and were slain with horrible cruelty. All were convert of the White Fathers the Missionaries of Africa founded by Charles Cardinal Lavigerie in 1868. 

A shrine was erected in their honor, it is now a Basilica.


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Felicity (d. 165), Saint: Black Catholic History USA (November) Month on A Black-American Experience!®

Sts. Perpetua & Felicitas on A Black-American Experience!®

From the tapestry on the walls of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Downtown Los Angeles, California. The tapestry reflects the diversity of the Catholic and the Faith.

St. Felicity’s Feast Day is November 23, he cult is confined to local calendars and is reported to have seven sons. Felicity is the companion of Perpetua, is also named Felicitas and is the Martyred widow of Rome. She is buried in the cemetery of Maximus on the Salarian Way.

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More Than African Slaves Were Denied Reading During The Time Of USA Slavery!!!!!

On 11/23/2008 I was waiting for my Father to get home. I sat on some bricks in a corner by some bushes. There was a powerful Burst of Healing from St. Luke and St. Bridget of Sweden. I use to pray the St. Bridget of Sweden Chaplet.

After feeling this Burst, I prayed Chaplets of Divine Mercy on:

  • St. Michael Chaplet Beads
  • Brazilian Rosary Beads from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
  • The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Beads
  • A straight line Chaplet from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, it use to have three sets of three beads, it broke and I use it as two sets of three beads.

I then heard Native American Spirits, I am Eastern and Western Cherokee, stating:

  • They have Angels now, too. “I know God Loves Me.” It was a male, he is large and looks like a Chief.
  • While writing, St. Teresa of Aliva started crying. She wants to share the love of God.
  • Some of the Spirits stated that they are what I am and because we have a spirit some called them demons. They stated that they can be born unto Earth again because they have watched me and learned to do good.

I use to work for the Job Corps System, I taught Leadership Training. One of my lessons I taught:

  • We do not choose who models after us, people choose who they model after. You never know who chooses to model after you!!!!!

From this experience, I would say:

  • Native Americans in the United States of America were also denied reading.


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“He is Coming on the Clouds”

On 11/23/2008 during the second Sunday Mass at St. Mary Magdalen Church

  • When I closed my eyes, I saw  large full thick clouds-it reminds me of the aforementioned title: “He is coming on the Clouds”.


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