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Monica (332-387), Saint: Black Catholic History Month on A Black-American Experience!®

St. Monica on A Black-American Experience!®

Saint Monica’s Feast Day is  August 27.  She was born in Tagaste, North Africa. The widowed mother of St. Augustine of Hippo and married Patricius, a dissolute and violent pagan, bearing his children

  1. Augustine,
  2. Navigius, and
  3. Perpetua.

Monica prayed for the conversion of St. Augustine and followed him to Rome in 383. St. Augustine was baptized in Milan in 386.

Monica died at Ostia, Italy when preparing to return to Africa. She is the patroness of married women and a model for Christian Mothers. Her relics are enshrined at the church of St. Augustine in Rome.



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We Have A President!!!!! Barack OBama!!!!!

Want a piece of history, this is not Just Black African-American History or United States of American History. This is World History.

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