The Black African-American and Native American Holocausts

Americans talk a lot about The Holocaust, which refers to the genocide of European Jews during World War II. The word Holocaust comes from the Greek words:holos meaning “completely” and Kaustos meaning “burnt”. Also known as:

  • Hebrew- (Ha)-Shoah
  • Yiddish-Churben
  • Roma-Porajmos

A Holocaust refers to other races that have experienced forms of genocide. Black African-American Slaves and Native Americans also had A Holocaust. “The Killing of the Masses of a Race.”

Once I was in Oklahoma, there was a parade on the street I lived on “Oklahoma Street”. It is called 89ers Day. I said, “I am not celebrating this until I find out what it is.” I found out is is the celebration of the settling of Oklahoma. The word Oklahoma means “Red Mans Land.”

I really did’t celebrate 89ers Day because masses of Native Americans had to have been killed. Once they had a special on the Radio or TV that stated the Native American were not Killed.

“Then Where Did They Go?”



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