Our Country Can Not Heal If We Don’t Know Where The Hurt Is!

Uniting America is a Healing process. When you go to the Doctor, you tell the symptoms. The Doctor diagnosis and treats you. What do our social symptoms mean?

Our Country-The United States of America comes from a History of Oppression and Racism.

  • Oppression and Racism invokes miseducation.
  • When you miseducated a Race, you miseducated a Nation.

A symptom is one of the riches countries in the world is behind in science and math, how many God Medals have we received?, and the music industry remakes songs, where are the “New Songs”?

These are forms of Intelligence. Not just one form is being affected and effected.  I listed four:

  • Scientific,
  • Mathematical.
  • Kinestedic, and
  • Musical.


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