How I Apply My Ph.D. Statistics Learning!

When I was working on my Doctorate I took one of the Highest Statistics classes, I learned that the letter “e” represents “error”.

Italians came from Grottoes, when they moved to America they called them Ghettos. We still call them Ghettos today.

To me “Grotto” means Healing. St. Mary has a Healing Name “Our Lady of Lourdes”–From the Grotto of Lourdes.

When resources are limited it breeds loyalty. I grew up in the Greater Los Angeles Area. I went away to college for psychology. I found out that many things I learned in Los Angeles, were taught in schools.

  • B.S. – Bullsh..
  • M.S. – More sh..
  • Ph.D. – Piled Higher and Deeper

Growing up in Los Angeles would be called the streets compared to other places. The streets are also a discipline like other disciplines in colleges and universities. The vocabulary is different, the concepts the same, for example:

  • Personality Theories (Psychology)
  • “This is how he/she is” (Streets)

There are many Doctors that are not recognized like non-Catholic Saints. These are “Ghetto Doctors” [Grotto Doctors].


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