How to Become a Solider: Interview With SGT Dana Renee Varab California Army National Guard

SGT Dana Renee Varab is a California Army National Guard Recruiter and Retention NCO (None Commissioned Officer). Her office is located at:

SGT Varab became a Citizen Solider at 17 years old as a Senior in Good Standing with her parents consent. She is a first generation female and solider in her family. The Army National Guard is the only Guard with a State component. The Navy, Marines, and Air National Guard’s are Federal Components.

You Can Go To Work, One Weekend a Month and Two Weeks a Year!

 The titles “Recruiting and Retention NCO” allows you assistance during Boot Camp and Job Training. You will not be alone.

The California Army National Guard allows a “Multicultural View” of the world. I personally visited an office and met many different races. I thank God it is 2008 A.D.

Tell SGT Varab that Tres Scott sent you!

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