Pamela Kay Norwood: Poet

Pamela Kay Norwood had a booth at the 2008 22nd Annual Convention and Symposium hosted by the International Society of Poets, in conjunction with the International Library of Poetry,, and Watermark Press held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Good Luck Pamela Kay Norwood, Poet.


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4 responses to “Pamela Kay Norwood: Poet

  1. Pamela Kay Norwood

    Thank You the review of my BOOK SWEET INSPIRATIONS FOR THE SOUL!

  2. Thank You for the book review for Sweet Inspirations For The Soul!!

  3. Thank You for the book review for SWEET INSPIRATIONS FOR THE SOUL!!

    • Pamela, that post is from the Poetry Convention. If you would like a book review, you can send a copy to TMSC International Book Review C/O Tres M. Scott P.O. Box 2849 Beverly Hills, CA 90213 and after reviewing it, the review is posted on TMSC International Book Review, If you have some information on the book and sales you can also comment or mail the information and I can post it as “Book Information”. Thank you for your comment, Good Luck! A Black-American Experience!

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