Dr. Ruth Laura Shciller: Poet

Dr. Shciller had a booth at the 22nd Annual Poetry Convention and Symposium hosted The International Society of Poets in conjunction with the International Library of Poetry, Poetry.com, and Watermark Press.

Dr. Shciller discussed the series Heaven’s Library and Soul Healing Water, and the New York Best Seller Soul Wisdom for information go to www.DRSHA.com.

Good Luck to Dr. Ruth Laura Shciller, Poet.

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One response to “Dr. Ruth Laura Shciller: Poet

  1. I have been a member of The International Society of Poets since 2005, I think. I went to the Convention in Las Vegas in 2007 and had an awesome time w/ my husband! The whole event was first class and had workshops, several Pulitzer Prize winners who read poems and did workshops, a contest of approx. 1500 poets and their guests were included in all of the events including the entertainment and Dinner.

    I have had 7 poems to be published singly in 7 separate books, or Journals. The first four (including a CD) were done and sent to me within 2 mos of payment. The last 4 have been paid for as long ago as Oct 2008 and I have NOT received any of them… I have called multiple times and got a recording, I have e-mailed Poetry.com and I received a response saying they were moving and were running behind and I have sent faxes. I heard from them last in April, 2009 and still have nothing. They requested my renewal for membership in Jan. 2009 and I paid for 2 more years. I am very worried that they have gone out of business. I want my money back, or the publications that I paid for and the membership advantages, etc….

    Have you heard from them lately? Do you know what has happened? I enjoyed being a member, getting their magazines, updates, books, etc. I liked the fact that they were world-wide and for the promotion of peace and poetry.

    Please offer me some insight!

    Mary Wedemeyer

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