“Ish” and “Like”

The suffixes “ish” and “like” are used to turn a noun into an adjective. A “noun” names a:

  • Person
  • Place
  • Thing
  • Quality
  • Action

An “adjective” is used to:

  • Specify
  • Distinguish
  • Qualify
  • Limit

We have people that are Jew-ish, that is Jew-like. In the Past the people were called Jews. In America in 2008 we have Americans that are Black-ish, that is Black-like.

Many races came to America and look Black, learn Black slang, deal with Black people, but are not really Black.

When I say Black I mean, Colored, Negro, Afro-American, Black, African-American. Why is that important and what is the difference. Individuals that have DNA, RNA, and Chromosomes that came through United States of American “Slavery” suffered the worst “Slavery” in the history of the “World”.

As a result, many of the practices that Black African-Americans endured caused a perseverance, determination, and spirit that others don’t understand. That’s why many say:

“It’s a Black Thing, You wouldn’t Understand it!”

I say:

“I Don’t want others to have to understand it!”



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