Enjoying Youthful Memories!

After writing about “TDF” and the late Charles Jackson, I had a vision of the late Damon Thomas. Damon use to call himself “Daye”. I was his eescort for the Angel City Links Botlion. He was a 4.0 student then.

Many of my friends and myself spend a lot of good times at his parents house. His father would play the piano. They have a beautiful pool.

To Damn Fresh (TDF) had a group of people that all grew up together, we use to call the a POSSE. Charles, the Angels want me to call his Chucky, use to let me and the late Phaedra L. Battle in the Ultra Wave Parties with them.

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, people did not always die because they were bad people. The more people, the more crime (Damon, Chucky), the more people that do not obey speeding laws (Phaedra).

I am still enjoying youth!



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