The Black History Month Display: Inglewood Library Inglewood, California Display By: Alline Merchant, Librarian Part 1

Sojourner Truth c1870 on A Black-American Experience!®

Scott Joplin 1907 on A Black-American Experience!®

Charles R. Drew on A Black-American Experience!®

Benjamin O. Davis on A Black-American Experience!®

Jacki Robinson on A Black-American Experience!®

W.E.B. Dubois 1918 on A Black-American Experience!®

Frederick Douglass on A Black-American Experience!®

Thurgood Marshall on A Black-American Experience!®

John James Audobnon on A Black-American Experience!®

Ernest Everett Just on A Black-American Experience!®

Dr. Allison Davis on A Black-American Experience!®

A remembrance to the important people and events in African-American History.

John James Audubon: Leading Artist, Naturalist, Memorial America’s Birds.

Dr. Allison Davis (Male): Education Pioneer, Fought for Disadvantaged Youth.

Sojourner Truth: Orator, Author,Activist, Evangelized for Blacks’ and Women’s Rights.

Ernest E. Just: Scientist, Researcher, Scholar, The “Black Apollo of Science”.

Benjamin O. Davis: America’s First Black General”, Began the Desegregation of the Army and the Nation.

Jacki Robinson: “American Champion”, First Black American to play Major League Baseball.

Frederick Douglass: “Orator, Spokesman, Leader”, Crusaded for Abolition and Civil Rights.

Charles R. Drew, M.D.: “Researcher, Teacher, Surgeon” Created the Modern Blood Bank.

Mary McLeod Bethune:“Educator, Activist, Advisor”, One of America’s Most Influential Black Women.

Billie Holiday: “Lady Sings The Blues”, Lived The Words She Sang.

Thurgood Marshall: “Landmark Civil Rights Jurist”, First African-American on the Supreme Court.

W.E.B. Dubois: “Social Scientist, Thinker, Activist”, Fought with His Mind To Uplift His Race.

Scott Joplin: “Composer Extraordinaire”, Created an Indigenous American Classical music.


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