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Read Award Winning Poetry For National Poetry Month!

For Award Winning Poetry, go to:

Internationally Awarded and published in print and CD.

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It Is National Poetry Month!

For National Poetry Month, see if you are a poet, enter your poetry at:

For the serious writers, prepare your poetry, will some start publishing poetry.


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Filed under Black Leadership in America How African-Americans find success in a White-dominated culture

Success is measured by the goals each individual sets. The environment we interact with may not be controllable, but the real issue is, what can we control?

Success is perceived by values. There are three views of perception, 1. what we perceive, 2. what other perceive, 3. and what we think others perceive. Literally perception is the forming of mental representations of the objects that give rise to sensory experiences.

The White-dominated culture values-1. Education, 2. Training, 3. Employment, 4. Ownership, 5. Organizations, and 6. Professional Assoications.

For the full article:






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The Best Poems and Poets of 2008 The International Library of Poetry

Seven Months And Walking

Tres Mali Scott

Some people have problems we don’t understand,

Dealing with these individuals are a part of God’s Life Plan,

I see people who’s troubles don’t show,

and when others need them they pull them along like a tow.

I walked at Seven Months without a thought or two,

my younger sister had to have assistance for her to do.

Her Athletic Accomplishments out weigh mine,

I guess sometimes problems help us with passions to find.

Read at:


Magic Johnson’s Starbucks–Spreading Love-N-Spoken Words

La Dera Center

5301 Centinela Ave

La Dera Heights, California 90059

Hosted by: Sandra Laraine Coleman, Alice The Poet, and Ms.Tmusze

email for Poety Reading:

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American Courage

Today at the Inglewood Library in Inglewood, California I was talking to a non-American. We discussed how many other countries use psychic ability more than US Americans.

I had a vision of the United States of America’s Citizen that called from one the Airplane Crashes from 9-11.

It took a lot of courage to call during such a terrible time. I don’t know his name but I want the world to know that he is appreciated. I pray he receives the blessings of my Litanies for the Dead.


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Pigeons represent “The Protection of God”. In Oklahoma I did not see many pigeons. I grew up in the Greater Los Angeles, California area there are pigeons everywhere.

I hope God has another symbol to remind them of his protection.


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Doves symbolize “The Holy Spirit”.The artist formally known as “Prince” had a hit release song named “When Doves Cry”. When I learned that Doves represent “The Holy Spirit” I felt something terrible had to happen for the Holy Spirit to cry.

St. Mary crys a lot. In my book Angel Do Speak! I make a joke that she needs more recreational activities.


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Anna Nicole Smith

I am Catholic and we pray for the living and the dead. My experience with Anna Nicole Smith let me know that God Answers prayers. She is healing.



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Sitting At the Pool

Today while at lunch at the Days Inn on Manchester in Inglewood, California I sat out at the pool and I had a vision of the Late Past President Kennedy, Sr. and thought about his wife. Angels of love surround them both.

 I prayed a St. Micheal Chaplet once and named all of the Angels “Love”.


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The Black History Month Display: Inglewood Library Inglewood, California Display By: Alline Merchant, Librarian Part 2

Madam C.J. Walker on A Black-American Experience!®

Henry Ossawa Tanner on A Black-American Experience!®

Asa Philip Randolph on A Black-American Experience!®

A remembrance to the important people and events in African-American History.

Roberto Clemente: “Baseball Star” Humanitarian Achieved National Recognition and Honors.

Asa Philip Randolph: “Human Rights Organizer” Fought for Civil Justice through economic Justice.

Henry Ossawa Tanner: “Great American Artist” Preeminent Black Artist of the 19th Century.

Madam C.J. Walker:“Entrepreneur Self-Made Millionaire” Created Beauty Products for Blacks.

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