Leadership and Religion Part 2

The Building Up Of Identity

Milton and Westphal (2005) see a positive association between identity confirmation – based networks and cooperation and performance in work groups. Identity confirmation is the extent that others in a group support them, whether personal (based on individual characteristics or abilities) or social (based on membership in categories of people or roles) (Milton and Westphal, 2005).

The church has a social identity that allows members to bring personal identity (freewill). As members of the social church identity, how well do we promote the development of positive associations for personal and social confirmation.

There are three dimensions of translating passions into something useful:

The Key Domain

  1. The Community
  2. The Issue it faces is defining the scope of the domain in a way that elicits the heartfelt interests of members and aligns with important issues for the organization as a whole.

The Key Community

  1. Networking
  2. The Issue is finding people who already network on the topic and helping them to imagine how increased networking and knowledge sharing could be valuable

The Key Practice

  1. Common Knowledge Needs
  2. The Issue is identifying common knowledge needs (Wenger, 2002).

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