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The Historic Scottish Rite Auitorium: My Personal Story

I went to visit the Scottish Rite Auditorium on Wilshire Blvd, in Los Angeles, California. They had a piece of art with world history, I wanted to get the name of someone referenced. I found out that they are closing, MY HEART RIPPED OUT!

I Danced for “Dance Wonderland” ballet/tap/toe/jazz, in Lamert Park, California. Many years of my life was spent at rehearsal and recitals at the Scottish Rite Auditorium. I hate to see a historical site like that sold.

I am now an Eastern Star and Queen of the South, I have more than one connection to that place. One connection is from Dance Wonderland “the Arts”, the other is community service based, the Order of the Eastern Star and Queen of the South.  I hope the next owners take good care of our Los Angeles, California Historical Landmark.

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