Those Who Watch!

The United States of America values family and family support, I laugh I can not say “As American as Apple Pie” because “Apple Pie” is German. But I can say “As American as Football” because “Football” is unique to the USA. The past Presidents of the United States of America still help run America. Hoover started the Interstate system so that US Armed Forces can get into the country if something happens, he still watches the Highways. When something is going on that has to do with Inter or Intra state highways, he watches. Some of these things people would not believe. I deal with “Angels and Saints” so most of the things I experience on the other side are “Angelic and Saintly” Acts.

I am Roman Catholic and once I attended Lutheran School. I never knew that Protestants and Catholics did not get along. When I attended the California Graduate Institute, a classmate experienced Irish Religious problems and explained some of them. Martin Luther (Lutheran Church Founder) watches Protestant actions, he was an Augustinian Monk, so St Augustine watches as well. I guess Martin Luther has extra Blessings, his own personal Angel.

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