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And We Keep Going (What is Failure?)

I am Eastern and Western Cherokee, in the past, Native Americans did not want their pictures taken, now I know why. One day when I was in the Inglewood, California Public Library, I was looking at The Harper Collins Dictionary of Biography,  I was reading about Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and when I saw a picture of her, I felt a lot of her pain, she was denied entry into Medical School, she studied at home and became the “First Women to Qualify in Medicine in England.” She is a English Physician

Her story reminds me of Nodia Comainch. When I was young, I took ballet, tap, toe, jazz, and gymnastics. The first Romanian Olympic Gymnastics Team only had two members and no practice area. When Romania was called, the Coach told Nodia to “Go”, she is the “first person to get a perfect 10 in the history of  Olympics Gymnastics”. There was no place for a 1 (one) 0 (zero), her score was so perfect it looked like the lowest score, a 10.00 looked kike a 1.00.

It is difficult being an older sister with gifts that allow you to see hurts and life lessens that my cause pain. I worked with “at risk” youth for years. To me “at risk” means, at risk to not living up to your full potential. My parents paid for most of my education and I graduated high school at 16 years old. At one time I was “at risk” to not live up to my full potential. People took time and allowed me to learn in the least harmful environment. I am happy that I worked and still work hard to set a “good example” for my younger siblings and cousins. And I thank them for allowing me to be a part of their lives and respecting the decisions that I have made in my life.


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Those Who Watch!

The United States of America values family and family support, I laugh I can not say “As American as Apple Pie” because “Apple Pie” is German. But I can say “As American as Football” because “Football” is unique to the USA. The past Presidents of the United States of America still help run America. Hoover started the Interstate system so that US Armed Forces can get into the country if something happens, he still watches the Highways. When something is going on that has to do with Inter or Intra state highways, he watches. Some of these things people would not believe. I deal with “Angels and Saints” so most of the things I experience on the other side are “Angelic and Saintly” Acts.

I am Roman Catholic and once I attended Lutheran School. I never knew that Protestants and Catholics did not get along. When I attended the California Graduate Institute, a classmate experienced Irish Religious problems and explained some of them. Martin Luther (Lutheran Church Founder) watches Protestant actions, he was an Augustinian Monk, so St Augustine watches as well. I guess Martin Luther has extra Blessings, his own personal Angel.

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The Benefits I Receive Because of My Past

I visited the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. While in the bathroom washing my hands Black spirits and ghosts who gave their lives for integration watched me wash my hands next to a white women. I appreciate the individuals who fought and gave their lives for Rights, Rites and Privileges that most people take for granted.

In 2007 (when this happened), washing my hands next to a white women didn’t mean much to me, but for the individuals who did not know the outcome of their efforts, it means a lot.

Once on the other side I saw some children playing together of different races, I said to myself, “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. come and see this.” I could not see him then, but later I had a vision of him. Once I had a dream about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., he was very large, I looked very small. I told myself, : “I know I am petty.”

The social problems of the past are very different form those we have now. I can not believe how many people have views in the United States of America that look Communist, Russia is not even Communist anymore. That represents to me failure and lack of work ethic. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, I also have a dream, “That one day when people accomplish things they can see beyond race and the color of skin.”


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