I Am A Black-American Psychic, Tres Mali Scott on A Black-American Experience!®

Tres Mali Scott & A Black-American Experience®

Written By: Crisis Reporter Tres Mali Scott, This Article is endorsed by The International Library of Paranormal Psychology (Written in 2008)

 Crisis Reporting by Tres M Scott 035 I am a Black Women in the United States of America, that has two Master’s Degrees and is an ABD Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, an Internationally Awarded Poet, Author, and Top Rated Writer, “I Am Also Psychic”.

Some would say I am African-American, my birth certificate says I am Negro and my parents are Negro. My sister, who is six years younger than I am and has a birth certificate that says she is Black and my parents are Black. I am going to name all that apply, I am Colored, Negro, Afro-American, Black, and African-American. As I got older I found out that I am also Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian and Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, African/Scottish, Irish, and Spanish.

As a “Homo Erect-us Erect-us” (human animal) I am a “mutt”.

I have had many experiences with spirits and ghosts of my heritage that has a lot of names. Many of them include stories. I hope they give you as much encouragement as I have received. It is not very often that Black people admit it is psychic ability. We report things as myths and tales. Some of these myths and tales were experienced first hand with a psychic vision that historically was not passed down orally or in writing.

It is 2008, I talk about it! I write about it! I read about it!

Happy New Year! I look forward to your reading about Black Heritage, the untold stories.

Crisis Reporting by Tres M Scott 189


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30 responses to “I Am A Black-American Psychic, Tres Mali Scott on A Black-American Experience!®

  1. Anonymous

    I too am finally coming to the realization that I am psychic as well. After visiting a psychic to get clarity she said that I was born with this ability. The down side to my ability is that I can only feel and see bad things such as death or get bad vibes from initial contact. Any-who, I was doing research to see if it is common for black people to be psychics but when I stumbled across your page it partially ignited my next hypothesis which is could this ability be from my maternal and paternal grandparents native american background. I know my paternal family is mixed with Apache. Maybe you can help me develop this ability. I was told that I am aware of the spirits but don’t understand them at times.

    P.S I am 23 years old and I am in my second year in a Master’s program in Counseling as well.

  2. Jehna O Shabazz

    Hello. I have always known that I was a little different from the average person with regards to my psychic abilities. I was always afraid to embrace until last year when I was forced to. I was 33 and it was one year after the death of my husand. I have since learned alot about my ancestry and not by way of traditional study. I have had contact with my guide as well as many relatives in my family and truly have no where to turn with this information as it scares the crap out of everyone I know. I would love to connect with others out there like me as it has become a very lonely world for me. I also would like to help others as I can see things to come. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • tmscconsultingservices


      Go to http://angelsdospeak.ning.com, a social network that may help you connect to others with the same interests.


      • james

        How would you find any african america psychics?

      • tmscconsultingservices

        James, I have enough African Ancestry to say African-American, see http://writingsofafricanamericans.wordpress.com, I am the Editor and Chief Writer. My Birth Certificate says “Negro”. You may be looking for someone that is really from Africa. I am old enough to know how many names people that look like me have been called. Because many Black people have died for rights in America, I say Black-American to show my family has come through slavery, there are many people that came from Africa and now have citizenship, they are “African-American” but have not done anything to recieve the rights that myselft, my family, and ancestors were mistreated and died for.

        Tres Mali

  3. I am a psychic. Clairvoyant and was born this way. Also raised in a Baptist family so I was conflicted growing up in regard to what my abilities came from. I just got tired of people telling me that I am some kind of demon and finally dismissed that kind of foolish talk and accepted my gift.

    I am ok with it and have helped many others with my gifts.

    • tmscconsultingservices

      Inisa, the word demon is literally meaning an evil spirit. Some people have a difficult time understanding “The Spirit”. Jesus Christ baptizes us with a “spirit”. When one has gifts from God, and people attack them, many times the person hurts themself because of the “holy”, meaning “from God”, protection we recieve shields, guards, defends us from harm.The gifts of the “spirit” also allows a discernment that many times causes us to stay away from more dangerous situations that other people may not be aware of.
      I choose to use my “Gifts from God” for good. Just because someone has gifts, does not mean they have the moral development to use them for good. “The Church” baptizes us with water, Jesus Christ baptizes us with “The Spirit”.
      Tres Mali

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  5. Gita

    Hi Mila
    I am intersted to get to know more about Black psychic,Or at least have ability when targeted with some of these involvers that do and did and caused so much damages in our private lives and social live and as whole my careea , I be able to tackle the situation.
    I heard that Black Psychic more in to their sexuality especially mens Black Psychic. And offten go with women with negative energy,wronge doing women to cover up for them ,down side of this they can make hell of others family if they want to and make criminal womens more represantitive by making them more money by taking from others and taking their Civil Right away , and create double standes community as whole.
    At the end of the day to me Pschic power should work for those who’s deserved it.
    In Britain Black Psychic work for prostittutes, who’s convicted majure crimes,such as roberry,drugs,bothering children and so on. subsequently those who’s are criminal have a better live. We don’t want to be like that. those who’s convicted majure crime
    shouldn’t be in community. They should lock up in jail and not in community. Unfortunetly I have to emphsised that number of those who’s in legal firm and court engaged also involved in Black psychic arena. became arrogent selfish. This situation be

    • tmscconsultingservices

      Gita, you are associating the word “Black” with negative. I am talking about, in the United States of America, a race of people that have “darker skin”. Our birth certificates state that we are “Negro” or “Black”. I am talking about a race of people, not the negative connotation that “black” is decribing a behavior.
      Tres Mali

  6. tmscconsultingservices

    Okeena, could you describe what type of information you need and identify yourself so that I may send you that information.
    Tres Mali

  7. Anononymous!


    I am a genius and I have live with bipolar and ADHD, all my life. I have never had a stable life. I know the truth now, a thing line between insanity and genius. Unfortunately this disease runs in my family, but there is help! I would advise anyone with any mental disorder to seek help, especially in the African American community. This is a serious disorder. Did you know that many of the talented movie stars and actors are bipolar?


    • Anononymous!


      It is me again! I learned my lesson and all the problems I have had from my poor decision making skill, which cause me to get into a relationship with a woman who didn’t truly love me. I am hardworker a a decent person, who has always tried to do better. My life has reached a turning point! I have so much knowledge and I am a very spiritual person. I know that God has something special for me in the near future. I thank God for the good and the bad that has happened to me, otherwise I would not be the person I am today.


    • tmscconsultingservices

      Many people throughout the world have mental health disorders. The reality is that Religion defines more than the Mental Health field what is acceptable behavior. Psychopathology refers to behaviors that are harmful. Mental Health Services are to protect individuals from hurting themselves and others. The Black-American and African-American communities tend to become more Criminally tracked than Mental Health tracked. And the Movie Stars and Actors have enough money to pay for Mental Health Services that prevent them from hurting others.
      Tres Mali

  8. tmscconsultingservices

    Okeena, Please let me know the reason you need to contact me, thank you!!!!!
    Tres Mali

  9. Michael


    Thank you for commenting, by the way my name is Michael.
    I will get it together, because I am strong that’s is all we have to remember as people. Live a life good lifestyle work hard and be honest.


    • tmscconsultingservices

      With that strength, develop good relationships, treat others with the respect you want in return, & work on improving yourself. No matter how “perfect” we are, we can get “more perfect”.
      May the Almighty God Bless, Keep, & Strengthen you.

      Tres Mali from A Black-American Experience

    • Michael


      I it is been a long time been hard for me. Still trying to ask God for guidance. What tools are good for prayers, rituals and understanding. I a m asking God for guidance, because I am a good person, but this society can make good people become sour!


  10. Mee

    Its nice to see fellow AA psychics. I don’t come across many. I am clairvoyant and have been since birth.

    Please feel free to join My new facebook group created with us in mind.


    It would be such a honor to have each and every one of you there.

  11. Mee

    African American.

  12. DnB

    Very Interesting what you have going on .

  13. Legreen

    Tx for yr blog. I agree with you that we black folk tend to not readily admit to having psionic gifts. And there are certainly credible reasons for not revealing that but I also agree with you that it’s time to reveal it. I’m researching a project like this and would love to hear some of your reflections. Would love to hear back. Tx. LG.

  14. Hi:

    Been a long time! Nervous and scared! Thinking about starting another relationship. My father and I have not been getting along real well. Life has been a mess for me. Always be blessed!


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  16. vanessa

    Hello i dont understand myself, sometime i think thing out loud,an they happen ,i dream things that mean stuff but i dont understand them .can u read me, help me with this? Were i come from its not nothing , its the devil , i just had a dream some would say…but i know its more
    1989 29 01

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